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Kinetics Industries, Inc.
Field Excitation
    Brush Type Synchronous Motors
      Complete Integrated Excitation System
      Constant-Potential, Non-Regulated

  Regulated Voltage Output

      Regulated Current Output
      Regulated Power Factor/Voltage Output
      Regulated Remotely Supplied Signal
      KinetSync-SR Digital Annunciation Module
      Regulated Exciter w/ KinetSync-SR Relay
      Regulated Exciter w/ SPM Application Relay
    Brushless Type Synchronous Motors
      Constant Potential Exciter
      Regulated Output Exciter
      KinetSync-NB Digital Annunciation Module
      Exciter & KinetSync-NB Logic Relay
      Exciter w/ SPM Relay
    Synchronous Generators
      Independent Operation AC Generator Excitation Regulator
      "Soft Grid" & Parallel Operation AC Generator Excitation Regulator
      "Stiff Grid" & Parallel Operation AC Generator Excitation Regulator
  Rectification & Power Distribution
    Constant Potential Non-Regulated Rectifiers
    Regulated, SCR, Rectifiers 1-2000Kw
    Crane Rectifiers
    Magnet Rectifiers
      Traditional Fused Power Supplies
      JVR Fuseless Rectifiers
      Fuseless Flux Forcing Rectifiers
      Select-A-Pick Regulated Rectifiers
      Separation Magnet Rectifiers
    Mill Duty DC Substations
    Regenerative Absorption Circuit
    Test Power Rectifiers
    Low Voltage/Filtered Rectifiers & Power Supplies
    Avionics Hanger Support Rectifiers/Power Supplies
    Eddy Current Clutch Rectifiers
    Magnetic Brake & Clutch Power Supplies
    Circuit Breaker Coil Operation Power Supplies
    Traction Test Rectifiers
  Additional Products
    Dry Type Transformers 500VA to 2,500 KVA
    DC Motor to AC Alternator Emergency Power System
    Specialty Sheet Metal Enclosures
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