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Common DC Grid Retirement Building Specific Rectifiers 1 - 2000 Kw AC to DC Power Conversion for Elevators, Fire Pumps & Misc

Common DC Grid Retirement
Building Specific Rectifiers 1 – 2000 Kw
AC to DC Power Conversion For Elevators, Fire Pumps & Misc. Loads.

  • New York City Department of Buildings approved. Calendar # 45573
  • UL Standard Listing: tested by Met Lab. File #E112484
  • Complies with Consolidated Edison specification EO-5093 Oct. 2002.

The Kinetics model type GVR is a constant potential diode rectifier with regenerative absorption protection circuit specifically designed and manufactured for elevators, fire pumps and various loads commonly found on a utility DC distribution network.

The Kinetics GVR provides customers with a state of the art, energy efficient, quiet operation, highly reliable, power conversion package for converting utility AC power to a constant voltage DC power source.

The Kinetics model GVR is the most reliable DC grid retirement rectifier on the market. Kinetics has manufactured more DC grid retirement rectifiers across the USA then all other manufacturers combined. The GVR design is based upon Kinetics highly successful JVR rectifier; the #1 selling magnet rectifier in the world.

The GVR, constant potential rectifier has been designed and manufactured to be the lowest cost installation and startup unit available for the installing contractor. The combination system of rectifier with an AC input circuit breaker and regeneration absorption circuit, in a common enclosure, is packaged to reduce space requirements and installation costs.

The GVR has the unique design of being "fuseless". By not having power fuses, the GVR unit, avoids startup and maintenance problems associated with DC bus faults commonly associated with aged elevator control and motors. In the event of a DC bus fault or overload, the AC circuit breaker trips the unit off line. Once the source of the fault or overload is corrected, the AC circuit breaker is simply reset. By eliminating the fuses, there is no need to enter the rectifier enclosure to change expensive, and not always available, semi-conductor fuses.

Kinetics’ manufacturing facility is located 1 hour driving time from New York City. Units are stored within the New York area for immediate 24 / 7 delivery via a Kinetics contracted delivery service.

For NY City rectifier sales contact:

Keith Secrest
Vice President – Operations
609-883-9700 ext 122
Fax: 609-883-0025

24/7 delivery: utility DC feed burnout rectifier service:

A.C. Logistics
Cell: 917-804-8494
64 Grant Ave.
Carteret, NJ 07008

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