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Constant Potential Non-Regulated Rectifiers

ISO 9000:2015
Kinetics Industries, Inc.
Constant Potential Non-Regulated Rectifiers

The Kinetics model types CVR & MVR are static, open loop, AC line regulated, AC to DC voltage conversion rectifiers in the 1 to 2000 Kw capacity range. Line regulated models incorporate the use of a power diode rectifier bridge to supply dependable & durable service for industrial, military and commercial applications. Power diode rectifiers maintain output voltage fluctuations with 6% with a + or - 10% input voltage fluctuation. Standard MVR type units are for applications requiring 1 to 20 Kw of rectification capacity. The CVR model type is for applications requiring above 20 Kw capacity. Detailed specification data are available for standard model features and differences between standard MVR and CVR models. Units are complete with AC line circuit breaker, tapped isolation transformer, DC ammeter & voltmeter, semi-conductor circuitry, protection against industrial noise and transient spikes, and failure protection of transformer and rectifier bridge.


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