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ISO 9000:2015
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Eddy Current Clutch Firld Exciter

The Kinetics SVR1-EC speed-regulated, eddy current clutch field exciter is a SCR regulated rectifier system specifically designed for the application of supplying regulated variable DC power, via a closed feedback loop system, to the field coil of an eddy current clutch adjustable speed drive. The system speed regulation, or "slip", of an eddy current clutch, is controlled by varying the output voltage of the SVR1-EC rectifier to the clutch field. The SVR1-EC, with the feedback loop closed on a speed signal, will maintain drive speed regardless of load conditions, within the rating and protective trip limits of the rectifier. The SVR1-EC system makes use of an external "speed signal" to provide for regulating clutch field current to maintain drive speed proportional to either a local or remote referencing signal. The speed feedback signal, generated externally - commonly from a tachometer generator, is directly proportional to drive output speed.

- Kinetics can supply a speed-sensing tachometers generator, both contact and non-contact types, as part of a speed control system if the application requires.

- Waste water / storm water systems: across the country, Kinetics has successfully designed, installed and commissioned, state-of-the-art solid-state retro-fit systems for pumping configurations. A typical system consisting of two synchronous motors operating in parallel with one motor being a fixed speed and the second being a viable speed pump by incorporating the use of an eddy current clutch between the motor shaft and pump drive shaft.

Proposal & specifications: Due to the specialized nature of applications using eddy current clutches, please contact Kinetics’ factory sales and engineering for more details on a specific product design.

Kinetics uniquely qualified: Reaching back to Kinetics’ origins as an electrical apparatus service facility, founder in 1939; during the prime period that eddy current clutch speed controls systems were commonly installed, a period roughly between 1950 to the early 1970’s, Kinetics was a factory authorized installer and service facility for Dynamatic Eddy Current Clutches and Controls. Within Kinetics’ engineer achieves, is a wealth of product and application knowledge that we will use to assure a well managed and engineered modernization project.

Eddy current clutch defined: An eddy current clutch (ECC) drive is a device used to convert constant speed rotation input into adjustable speed output. A typical drive consists of two concentrically rotating members (input & output) separated by a small fixed air gap.

For discussion purposes assume the input member is a drum rotation at a constant speed, usually driven by an AC motor. The output rotor (field member) consists of the coupling field coil surrounded by magnetic steel, which is separate from the input drum by an air gap. When excitation is applied to the clutch field determines the amount of the torque transmitted at any definite rate of slip between the two rotating members.

With no current in the coil, the input member will rotate at full speed with little or no rotation of the output member. When current is applied to the coil, the output shaft picks up speed as the coil current is increased, until the output member is rotating at slightly less than the speed of the input member. The speed of the output member never exactly matches the speed of the input member since slip is required to generate magnetic eddy currents and transmit torque.

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