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Kinetics Industries JVR Fuseless Rectifiers

World’s #1 Magnet DC Power Supply –
Kinetics Industries designs and manufactures the highly reliable, production oriented, "J" SPEC rectifier that is specifically designed and rated for demanding heavy industrial and scrap yard applications, where short circuits on the DC bus are common or probable.

The "J" SPEC model JVR, exclusively designed and manufactured by Kinetics, is ideally suited for applications such as scrap lifting magnets or cranes where DC faults are a common occurrence. The JVR addresses the problem of blown semi-conductor fuses resulting from cut magnet cables, shorted magnets or crane rail faults. Listening to customers, and breaking from traditional diode rectifier design, Kinetics has designed and thoroughly tested a solid state rectification system that eliminates the expense of silver sand fuses that conventional designs use to protect the rectifier semi-conductors.

The model type JVR is designed to limit the current output of the rectifier and trip the units AC input circuit breaker, in the event of a "bolted fault" on the DC bus, without nuisance loss of fuses. The blowing of fuses is a common lost production time problem associated with "traditional" fused diode rectifiers or fused rectifier output bus designs.

After the DC bus fault has been cleared, the JVR rectifier’s AC input breaker is simply reset and the unit is back in operation.

The JVR model type is comparable in price to traditional fused rectifiers. When the costs associated with production down time, maintenance demands, fuses and the need to inventory spare fuses are added into a costing evaluation; the JVR is a clear cost savings / productivity increasing "winner" for the production minded company.

Information needed for a quotation:

    • AC input voltage.
    • DC voltage required by magnet.
    • DC current rating of the magnet or total load.
    • Enclosure type: indoor or outdoor installation location.
    • DC ammeter / voltmeter: yes / no.
    • AC contactor for remote on / off.

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