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Regenerative Absorption Circuit

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Regeneration is a phenomenon that occurs on curtain types of loads where the load has the ability to overdrive the power source supplying it or raise the DC bus voltage due to load electrical parameters.

Diode and SCR power rectifiers cannot absorb the extra energy generated when inertial type loads are mechanically overdriven. When a DC motor is overdriven the motor, in effect, becomes a generator. The rectifier being a one way system, due to the reverse voltage blocking of the semi-conductor, when a motor regenerates onto the DC bus, the bus voltage rises. If this energy is not managed, the bus voltage can rise to a dangerously destructive level. A regenerative absorption circuit, normally designated as an "RGA", is used to provide a dissipating path for regenerative energy and keep the DC voltage at a safe level for both the rectifier and load. The principle is similar to a dynamic braking circuit on a DC motor control.

The Kinetics model RGA consists of a bank of mill duty resistors, voltage sensitive circuitry and a mill duty DC contactor to apply the resistor bank across the DC bus to absorb regenerative energy when it is present.

As a generally established practice, regeneration absorption circuits are sized at 10% of the kilowatt rating of the rectifier or 25% of the largest motor horsepower. The DC pickup voltage to apply the RGA is typically set at 15% above the nominal DC bus voltage rating. A 250 VDC bus would have an RGA set for pickup at 290 VDC.

Common applications requiring a RGA: cranes, elevators, lathes, boring mills and fans.

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