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DC to AC Motor / Alternator Set Power System
"Stand-by" Auxiliary Power System

Kinetics Industries, Inc.
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DC to AC Motor / Alternator Set Power System

DC hot rail power conversion to stabilized AC voltages for emergency station power.

Kinetics Industries has designed, manufactured and time tested, in transit / traction applications, a highly reliable, "stand-by" emergency power, traction duty, DC to AC motor alternator set system. The Kinetics auxiliary power system provides stabilized AC output, independent of DC voltage variations caused by transit car motors accelerating and decelerating (regenerating) onto a common DC transit bus. The Kinetics system has been designed within an efficient, heavy-duty, enclosure with vibration isolation, for installation within the space restrictive confines and harsh operating environments of subway utility power rooms. All components are selected, electrically and mechanically, for long term service in the extremely harsh application environment of sub-street level transit applications. Systems can be used in conjunction with a utility AC "street" power service, to provide a dual power system redundancy within a subway station for critical loads such as emergency lighting and ventilation systems.

DC to AC Motor / Alternator Set Power System

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