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Kinetics Industries, Inc.

Kinetics Industries was founded in 1939 to service power systems and industrial motor needs of the region's heavy industrial customers. In the early 1960s, Kinetics began working closely with "local" heavy industrial customers to design and manufacture diode and SCR rectifiers, DC motor drives for the retro-fit of motor generator sets, mercury arc rectifier retro-fit systems, and new solid state power conversion systems.

Kinetics has developed experience working closely with various motor oriented production processes such as flooring material manufacturers, steel & aluminum mills, rubber mills, pulp & paper mills, and public utilities. From this experience, Kinetics has grown from a regional custom manufacturer to a world-wide DC power supply, SCR rectifier, and field excitation system manufacturer. Our extensive customer list includes industry leaders from diverse industries and geographical locations such as steel mills, aluminum mills, copper mines and mills, automotives, traction systems, pulp & paper mills, DOD, NATO, NASA, Canadian National Research Council, and electrical OEMs. Our diverse customer base has enabled Kinetics to develop a product line of systems that starts with a basic diode power supply exciter to the facility integrated production process solid state SCR regulated rectifier and field application panel excitation system with data networking capabilities.

At our single manufacturing plant located in Trenton, New Jersey, we design and manufacture our own SCR and diode power control assemblies, dry type transformers from 1 to 2000 KVA, control and firing circuitry, and sheet metal panels and enclosure fabrication. As a self-contained manufacturing facility, Kinetics brings the team concept to the manufacturing process. We work to consistently manufacture the highest quality power system products and provide the availability of the most comprehensive and accessible engineering support on the market.

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