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Kinetics Industries, Inc.
Avionics Hanger

Kinetics manufactures a family of regulated and non-regulated output, DC power supply rectifiers, specifically designed, manufactured and tested to meeting the electrical and mechanical construction demands of avionic applications. Systems, standard and custom, are available for front line ground support, maintenance hangers, testing lab test cells, OEM manufacturing for avionic applications and R&D facilities. SCR, magnetic amplifier and constant potential diode rectifiers are available in the 25 ADC through 2,000 ADC nominal rating range for both 28.5 and 270 VDC systems.

The Kinetics family of avionics rectifiers includes:

    - Model type SVR: SCR regulated, solid state electronically controlled, adjustable output, rectifier with an output ripple filter.

    - Model type MA: Magnetic amplifier controller, adjustable output, diode power supply with a ripple filtered output.

    - Model type CVR: Non-regulated, fixed voltage, constant potential, diode rectifier.


Avionics Hanger

Systems are manufactured to conform to MIL Standard 704E for avionics hanger support rectifiers at 28.5 and 270 VDC nominal output. All units are given extensive testing to document conformance to applicable MIL Standards by Kinetics technicians in our extensive power products testing facility.

The application of Kinetics’ avionics power products services a wide spectrum of users that includes domestic and international military, aerospace and commercial applications.

Kinetics’ in-house capacity to manufacture enclosures, transformers and circuitry enables Kinetics to offer customers a wide variety of affordable features to best meet an application’s parameters.

Common selectable features include:
- Enclosure: NEMA1, 3R, 4, 4X, mounting stand, wall mount, casters or cart mounted.
- AC input: 3 or 1 phase, 120 to 600 volts, 60 50 or 400 Hz
- Output protection: DC circuit breaker.
- Input / output power cables with connectors.
- Remote location annunciation and/or operation control.
- Customized annunciation.
- DC output voltage with extended up or lower operating ranges.

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