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Kinetics Industries, Inc.

Circuit Breaker Operation DC Power Supply
Retro-Fit Modernization Package

The Kinetics model PPB is a line regulated, high current in-rush loading, diode power supply, specifically designed for the operation of circuit breaker DC trip coils and relays. The PPB is a panel mounted, heavy industrial, inductive load rated, power supply, suitable for application to a wide variety of breaker manufacturers, breaker styles and vintages.

The Kinetics PPB is designed to be a direct replacement for selenium and older diode rectifiers that have become obsolete or have hard to find parts.

System sizing from 10 to 100 amperes DC at 12, 24, 48, 64, 125 or 250 VDC. AC input of single or three phase, 120 to 600 volts. All units supplied rated for 50’C ambient operating environment.

The PPB retro-fit package provides:
- Compact design.
- Modern components with the highest applicable diode PIV and robust DC surge suppression.
- High current in-rush capacity.
- Cost effective package change-out of old and/or obsolete selenium or diode DC power supplies.
- Eliminates problem of hard to find selenium rectifier parts and plates.
- Flexible transformer design for maximum voltage selectability.



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