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Brush Type Synchronous Motors
Regulated Exciter with SPM Application Relay

ISO 9000:2015
Kinetics Industries, Inc.

The Kinetics model KSPM and KSPM-P are regulated exciters with the Kinetics Synchapp-SS solid state field application package and interfaces circuitry to operate in with the GE Multlin SPM and SPM-PF synchronous motor controller modules. Kinetics can supply SPM modules, at OEM pricing levels, with Kinetics excitation system or customers can supply their own SPMs. Either way, Kinetics offers an excitation system solution that best fits the project and customer objectives. If an SPM is supplied by "other", Kinetics requests that we please be advised of the SPM model type to be used, at the time of order, to assure that the proper interface circuitry is supplied within the Kinetics regulated exciter.

Units available in the 500 watts to 2,000 Kw capacity range. As an integrated manufacturer, Kinetics has the manufacturing flexibility to offer systems in single phase or three phase AC input configurations.

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