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Kinetics Industries Magnetic Brake & Clutch Power Supplies

The Kinetics model type BPP is a heavy industrial, constant potential, diode power supply with solid state switching from a "charge" voltage to an economizing "hold" voltage for the operation of DC magnetic brake or clutch coils. Units have been designed to be space and energy efficient for installation and mounting within locations of minimal footprint availability, such as a bridge crane. The BPP power supply incorporates a voltage switching system from "charging" to "holding" that eliminates the need for energy wasting economizing resistors and higher maintenance DC voltage contactors. The BPP uses the same highly successful Flux Forcing power control scheme that Kinetics uses in our industry leading, JVR-FF heavy scrape lifting magnet rectifiers.

The BPP includes a Flux Forcing, multi-voltage transformer, adjustable industrial timing circuit, mill duty AC contactors and full wave diode rectifier mounted in a mill duty heavy industrial enclosure. The rectifier assembly, rated for highly inductive loads, is protected from voltage spikes and surge with conservatively rated primary and secondary MOV surge suppressors and a DC bleed resistor across the unit output.

The Kinetics, designed and manufactured power transformer comes "standard" with multiple taps above and below the nominal "charge" and "hold" voltages to offer the maximum application flexibility for various brake coil ratings, AC utility voltages and brake operating conditions. The "charge" and "hold" time intervals are easily field adjusted to match an application’s requirements.

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