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Brush Type Synchronous Motors
Regulated Power Factor / Voltage Output

ISO 9000:2015
Kinetics Industries, Inc.
SCR Excitation Rectifier

The Kinetics model SVRS-PF is a heavy industrial, solid state, limited range, closed loop regulation, SCR excitation rectifier. The model SVRS-PF closed the output feedback loop by use of a vernier generated power factor signal for the automatic adjustment of the exciter output voltage to the motor field to maintain a desired leading, lagging or unity power factor value. Kinetics’ power factor regulated units incorporate a combination power factor and voltage regulated system. PF is regulated within an adjustable minimum to maximum range. Outside of the minimum and maximum range the unit regulates output based on excitation voltage to maintain the motor in synchronous operation. If or when the motor power factor value comes back within the minimum to maximum range, the unit automatically switches back to a power factor regulated mode of operation. The Kinetics dual mode of operation system provides for stability in operation where impulse, cycling or surge loading is common such as compressors, rolling mills, ball mills, and paper mill grinders. The Kinetics power factor regulated excitation system, with or without a KinetSync digital logic controller and annunciation module, can be applied to reciprocating compressors.

A standard Kinetics excitation rectifier, model SVRS-PF is designed and manufactured with full current capacity rating from 110% to 80% of the DC voltage rating. Below 80% volts, the current rating capacity is reduced directly proportional to voltage. Extended lower voltage range units and units with field forcing capacity are available upon request.

Standard units come with an output adjustment potentiometer at the unit. A local or remote output mode of operation selection switch can be added as an option for applications where output adjustment from a remotely supplied signal or remote location is desired.

Units are available in the 500 watt to 2,000 Kw capacity range.
A standard SVRS-PF would include an industrial free standing enclosure, input circuit breaker or line fusing for inputs above 600 volts, isolation transformer with copper conductor, heavy duty DC surge suppression for highly inductive loads, DC ammeter & voltmeter and semi-conductor fuse monitoring indication lights. For applications where re-using existing enclosures will be re-used or supplied by "other", Kinetics offers open panel chassis and cell-in-cell package.

Units are available in the 500 watts to 2,000 Kw capacity range. As an integrated manufacturer, Kinetics has the manufacturing flexibility to offer systems in single phase or three phase AC input configurations.

Cautionary note: when using a logic controller by a manufacturer other than Kinetics, check with the specific manufacturer to determine if the controller is suitable for power factor regulation in a given application, such as a reciprocating compressors.

The SVRS-PF exciter can be provided with Kinetics’ solid state field application system, Synchapp-SS and Kinetics’ digital logic controller & annunciation module, KinetSync-SR for brush type motors. The KinetSync-NB is available for brushless motors.

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