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Brush Type Synchronous Motors
KinetSync-SR Digital Annunciation Module

ISO 9000:2015
Kinetics Industries, Inc.
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KinetSync-SR Provides:

  • Protection and control needed for the specific application of "Brush" or "Slip Ring" type Synchronous Motors.
  • Continuous monitoring of motor and field operation during motor start, run and shut-down.
  • Digital logic control with analog interfacing.
  • Designed for ease of application and startup.
  • Assurance of field discharge path.
  • Motor start incomplete sequence protection
  • Field loss protection.
  • Motor pull-out-of-synchronization protection.
  • Locked rotor protection.
  • Control voltage signal for field application at the proper speed and phase angle.
  • Includes a ready to use RS232 communication port.
  • At unit touch pad parameter of operation adjustment.
  • Security code protection by touch pad operation.
  • Power factor monitoring and vernier signal for interfacing with a regulated field exciter.
  • Back lit LCD annunciation screen for continuous display of motor field amps, field volts, power factor and motor operational status.
  • System "problem" flashing LED annunciation.
  • LCD screen displays cause of "fault" or system "problems".

Key Features:

  • Continuous digital display of motor power factor, exciter DC amps and exciter DC volts and motor operational status.
  • Back lit LCD text display screen.
  • Programmable touch pad security code for operation protection feature.
  • Motor fault/trip history memory registry with time and date by external computer access via windows based software.
  • Unit pre-programmed for immediate installation and operation of a "brush type" synchounous motor.
  • Fused PT disconnect terminal.
  • Quick disconnect connections.
  • Ring lug connections for CT & PT signal terminal points.
  • Through enclosure door mounting case.

KinetSync-SR Options Available:

  • RS486 configuration communications module.
  • Time/date stamped fault history export capability.
  • Specialty motor, mode of operation and control programming.
  • Allowable re-synch attempts lockout control.
  • Field Exciters, field application method and discharge resistors.

Excitation System Option:

  • The KinetSync-SR is the control and monitoring option of a complete "brush" or "slip ring" type synchronous motor excitation system. A complete system requires a KinetSync-SR, field exciter, method of field application and discharge resistors. Kinetics manufactures all the required sections of a synchronous motor excitation system. A complete system or sectional components are available from Kinetics.
  • Kinetics manufactures solid state field/discharge resistor application systems in combination with a Kinetics SVR excitation rectifier; Kinetics' 100% solid state SCR switching excitation application system model type SynchApp-SS.
  • Contactor applied field/discharge resistor systems are available for applications with an existing DC power source. Kinetics model type Synch App-C.

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