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Brushless Type Synchronous Motors
Exciter & KinetSync-NB Logic Relay

Kinetics Industries, Inc.

Complete System:
Regulated Output Field Exciter With KinetSync-NB Digital Annunciation Module

The Kinetics model type ENB is a combination system of the KinetSync-NB digital logic controller and annunciation module and the Kinetics KNB1 brushless motor exciter regulator. The ENB system provides sequencing of the control for interfacing with the internal motor controls to provide protection from incomplete sequence faults, motor running faults and annunciation of motor operational status.

As a standard system feature, the package includes power factor regulation control for the motor field to be maintained to a preset motor power factor with varying loads and temperatures.

Kinetics is the only manufacturer in the United States to design and manufacture the critical segments required for an off shaft brushless type motor excitation system as a single source manufacturer.

One source responsibility for an excitation system is our goal. Kinetics products are designed specifically for synchronous motors. Our units are not an adaptation or function compromise using components designed for another type of machine, such as a generator or motor drive. Synchronous motors and the processes they drive, have specific needs that Kinetics has incorporated into the product we manufacture.

The Kinetics KinetSync-NB digital logic control and annunciation module provides starting and operating control, protection and fault annunciation for the operation of brushless synchronous motors. System software packages are available to match with the different types of on shaft exciters. The different types of on shaft synchronizing methods must be matched to the off shaft application logic and exciter.

The KinetSync-NB provides:

    • Protection & control needed for the specific application of brushless synchronous motors.
    • Digital logic control with analog interfacing.
    • Designed for ease of application and startup.
    • Includes a ready-to-use RS232 communication port.
    • Motor power factor monitoring for interfacing with a voltage / power factor regulated field exciter.

KinetSync-NB key features:

• Continuous digital display of motor power factor, exciter DC amps and exciter DC volts.
• Text display of motor operating status.
• Text display of system fault annunciation.
• Back lit alpha numeric LCD display screen.
• Touch pad interface for operating parameter adjustment.
• Programmable key pad security code for operating protection feature.
• Motor fault / trip history registry with time and date stamp.
• Unit pre-programmed for immediate installation and operation.
• Fused PT disconnect terminal.
• Quick disconnect connections.
• Through the door mounting case.
• Input power operation 120/1/60 or 50 Hz.
• UL & CUL Listed.

The Kinetics model type KNB1 exciter regulator is a single phase input, hybrid bridge, SCR regulated rectifier specifically designed for the application of providing regulated DC output to the field of a rotating exciter on the common shaft with the motor rotor. (Specialty units are available in three phase configurations, KNB3)

The KNB1 exciter has been designed to regulate the output voltage of the unit by controlling the DC voltage applied to the motor field. The unit maintains the output voltage regardless of the load conditions, within the limits of the rectifier. The unit makes use of an internally connected voltage feedback loop signal to provide for regulating load current proportional to either a local or remote Reference signal. Units are also available with the feedback mode closed on output current, power factor, tachometer generator signal or a customer supplied signal. Units can be configured to accept an external signal of either 4-20 milliamp or 0-10 volt DC.

The KNB1 exciter has been designed for maximum flexibility and application versatility. The space efficient design has been configured to fix into the available space of a standard switchgear, motor starter or motor control center enclosure.

Cautionary application note: The various manufacturers of brushless synchronous motors, have different configurations of rotating excitation system circuitry. When applying an off shaft exciter, it is imperative that the off shaft exciter be compatible with the on shaft exciter field application circuitry. Kinetics has developed an extensive engineering archive of on shaft "circuitry" found on domestic and offshore manufactured motors. Kinetics has an on-going working OEM relationship with the majority of brushless synchronous motor manufacturers within the US market place. Kinetics’ engineers are available to assist in selecting the correct off shaft exciter configuration.

Standard / stock package:

• Input 120 or 240 volts.
• Other AC input and DC outputs are available upon request.

The Kinetics KNB1 includes:

    • AC input discount.
    • Isolation EPT transformer with below nominal taps.
    • Single phase rectifier bridge consisting of two SCR and two diodes mounted to a conservatively rated heatsink.
    • Free-wheeling diode across the rectifier output.
    • Kinetics SCR firing and referencing circuit.
    • AC & DC surge suppression networks.
    • Output voltage adjustment potentiometer.
    • Linear ramp to full output – soft turn on.
    • DC current limit and immense over current protection.
    • Terminal points for a DC ammeter & voltmeter.
    • Operational test switch.
    • Open panel construction: 18"W x 18"High x 10"D.

Interconnection cables: From our years of working with industrial, utility and OEM customers, a common concern of installers and maintenance people alike, is to install component sections as quickly as possible and minimize the possibility for interconnection wiring errors. Kinetics is the only manufacturer to offer factory manufactured, electro-statically shielded, interconnection cables with heavy industrial Molex plugs for use with our KinetSync-NB unit to the KNB regulated exciter.

Alternate method power factor control circuit. For applications where power factor regulation control is desired but digital annunciation, history log and control is not required, Kinetics offers the PFTRP control circuit. The PFTRP circuit provides PF regulation at a reduced cost to using a KinetSyn-NB module. A circuit description is available with the "Library" section of this web site.

Optional features available:

    • Field forcing.
    • Heavy industrial enclosures.
    • Non-standard input or output voltage and current ratings.
    • Input / output communications and control per customer request.

Information needed for a quote:

• AC input available; volts/phase(s)/hertz.
• DC output required: volts / amps.
• Motor manufacturer.
• Circuit diagram or instruction manual to the on shaft exciter electronics.
• Mode of regulation desire; volts or current or power factor or other.
• Open panel or in an enclosure.

Click here to download the KinetSync-NB Manual

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