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Kinetics Industries, Inc.

Ongoing production and computer networks require uninterrupted, reliable levels of energy to keep computers and machinery running smoothly. The integrity and maintenance of all power systems connected to the valuable equipment of any production process is vital, especially if its power cannot be interrupted. Kinetics Industries provides power conversion solutions in emergency situations, including invaluable back-up generator excitation systems to maintain operations.

Generator excitation systems provide a local back-up energy supply and an adjustable DC current with a short-time overload capacity. This permits accurate control of the terminal voltage, and guarantees stable machine and network operation. Excitation systems are equipped with a control system corresponding to the power plant and will keep machines working within an acceptable range.

Generator excitation systems are typically equipped with the following features: a primary disconnect, an exciter, a power transformer, a DC field exciter, regulated or non-regulated, a field application, digital annunciation and logic control, and a discharge resistance grid. Kinetics Industries provides these units as standalone enclosures. DC voltage is typically brought to the rotor by a series of slip rings and brushes. A brushless excitation system employs a small DC alternator to generate electromagnetic force, removes extra parts, and requires less maintenance.

Kinetics-Industries is a field excitation systems manufacturer that can provide a wide range of power conversion solutions, and can work with your production facility to build a system compatible with the existing power supply, plan for any contingency, prevent power interruptions, or compensate for sudden changes in capacity. As an insurance policy against power loss, generator excitation systems must have the best performance specs of any piece of equipment in the plant, and must be built using the most reliable standards to guarantee uninterrupted production power.

Kinetics has the industry expertise, the most up-to-date, cost-efficient equipment, and the reputation for dedicated service that makes them an industry leader, and the best choice when you need reliable power conversion solutions.

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