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Kinetics Industries, Inc.
Kinetics Industries Traction Test Rectifiers

Over the past 45 years, Kinetics has designed and manufactured various types of power rectifiers for traction test applications that include both power and electronic loads. Kinetics’ engineers will use our extensive application experience to work with an application’s specifications for the design and manufacture of a testing unit that provides the optimum power system for a customer’s application.

A traction test system is defined as a rectifier with a DC output voltage above 400 VDC to a maximum of 4,500 VDC. (Kinetics manufactures only air-cooled systems) A Kinetics test system includes the required OSHA designated safety features for testing power supplies as a minimum for operator interface.

Kinetics has established three basic types of traction rectifiers to match with the most commonly requested test power systems.

Fixed voltage output: The model type CVR is a full wave, constant potential, fixed voltage output, diode rectifier. A fixed voltage unit provides either zero or full voltage to the load. The voltage can only be adjusted by changing transformer taps while the unit is off line, de-energized. The diode output "ripple" to the load is a fixed value. Units are available in 6, 12 and 24 pulse systems. This unit is commonly applied to "complete" rail car power testing where a fixed rail bus power into the load is desired. A typical CVR unit includes; AC circuit breaker, isolation transformer, diode rectifier bridge, robust AC & DC surge suppression and a heavy industrial, convection cooled, enclosure.

Adjustable voltage output: The model type AVR is a full wave, constant potential, diode rectifier, with a motorized auto-transformer feeding into the primary of the diode rectifier bridge. The AVR system provides infinitely variable DC output from 0 to 100% volts with full current capacity through the entire operating range. The rectifier output, semi-conductor ripple, is a constant value throughout the entire operating range. The speed of voltage adjustment, stability response and output regulation to a selected voltage set point, is determined by the rate of response of the servo-motor driven adjustable auto-transformer. This unit is typically applied to applications requiring low or constant ripple through a wide voltage testing range. The model AVR commonly used to test rail car electronics, inverters or chopper drives where semi-conductor ripple interaction between the rectifier and load could be a problem.

Regulated voltage output: The model type SVR is a heavy industrial duty, solid state, closed feedback loop, phase shifted, infinitely variable regulated output, semi-conductor DC power supply for general power distribution loads. DC output voltage is, electronically, regulated within +/1% with a 50 millisecond response time per IEEE standard 421A for regulated rectifiers. The model SVR using SCRs with firing circuitry for variable DC output is less expense then a motor driven auto-transformer. When applying the model SVR, users should review the technical requirement of the load for suitability to handle semi-conductor ripple. Ripple filtering networks are an available option.

SVR units are designed and manufactured for the highly demanding application of transit power testing applications. A standard system includes; AC input circuit breaker, isolation transformer, regulated semi-conductor bridge, robust AC and DC surge suppression, OSHA safety features for operation & annunciation and a heavy industrial convection cooled enclosure.

Common safety & operational features for transit testing rectifiers and power supplies:

  • Two – redundant - DC power on indication lights.
  • DC output fusing.
  • AC main line contactor with 120 VAC control coil.
  • Zero voltage pass after a time interval trip circuit – prevents test leads from mistakenly being left energized.
  • Two sided access enclosure segregated, high vs. low voltage compartments.
  • Input and / or output cables with storage hangers.
  • Four, heavy industrial duty, enclosure casters with lockable wheels.
  • Warning horn and adjustable time delay prior to DC power turning on protective circuit.
  • Local / remote mode of operation selection.
  • Remote from power supply unit, operation station.
  • Many other customizing features available upon request.
Traction Test Rectifiers Traction Test Rectifiers

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