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Kinetics Industries, Inc.

Kinetics Industries offers engineering power conversion solutions in the form of power rectifiers, industrial DC substations and power supplies, magnet and crane rectifiers, synchronous motor fields, and generator excitation systems. When it comes to high-quality, the engineering and technical staff designs and manufactures these products with both domestic and international standards in mind. Customers in the industrial, commercial, utility, and military industries rely on the products and services Kinetics Industries provides; thus, Kinetics has experience working with those who manufacture flooring materials, and work in steel, aluminum, rubber, pulp and paper mills. Kinetics Industries wide customer base stretches from leaders in the public utilities and automotive industry to organizations such as NATO and NASA.

Field Excitation Systems
If it’s synchronous motor field excitation systems you’re looking for, Kinetics Industries is your one source for answering application questions and manufacturing regulated and non-regulated rectifiers and excitation systems for synchronous machines. Kinetics Industries offers both brush and brushless type synchronous motors, depending on what method of delivery is needed from the field excitation to the rotating field poles.

Rectification and Power Distribution
Kinetics Industries provides rectifiers and power supplies for cranes, circuit breaker coil operation and magnetic brake and clutchs. With the capacity for metal fabrication and transformer manufacturing all in-house, Kinetics Industries can offer customers the best power system solution for any given material handling application. They meet any DC need from 1 to 2000 Kw and have the flexibility to meet customer’s specifications.

Since Kinetics Industries designs, manufactures, assembles, fabricates, and tests their products in-house, the customer benefits from prompt deliveries of the highest-quality products. If you have an application that requires the design and manufacturing of a specific power supply, contact Kinetics Industries, your one source engineering power conversion solution.
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