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Synchronous Motor Field Excitation Systems PDF

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Field Excitation
Brushless Type Synchronous Motors Excitation Systems

Kinetics Industries designs and manufactures a series of "off shaft" excitation products that are used specifically for the application of brushless synchronous motors. Our selection of product offerings allows clients to choose the level of technical sophistication that best matches their budget and application requirements.

Constant Potential Exciter
As the lowest cost and most simplistic type of exciter, a diode rectifier is a combination isolation transformer equipped with six standard taps and a non-regulated diode rectifier. Standard taps are set to run at 5% full current capacity taps below the nominal voltage. With copper conductor as our material standard, Kinetics manufactures all of our own transformers, and can customize the unit as needed, including additional taps to the primary or secondary of the transformer. For manual voltage adjustment to the motor field, a full current rheostat can be added to the output of a diode rectifier.

Depending on the field application control scheme, a constant potential exciter may or may not be applicable, and Kinetics provides the expertise necessary to ensure compatibility between the exciter and field application controls.

Regulated Output Exciter
The Kinetics model type KNB1 exciter regulator has been specifically designed to regulate the output voltage of the unit by controlling the DC voltage applied to the motor field. A single phase input, hybrid bridge, SCR regulated rectifier provides regulated DC output to the field of a rotating exciter on the common shaft with the motor rotor. Kinetics can also produce specialty units in three phase configurations, KNB2 and KNB3.

By maintaining the output voltage regardless of the load conditions, and within the limits of the rectifier, the KNB regulated output exciter unit makes use of an internally connected voltage feedback loop signal. Load current can be regulated proportional to either a local or remote reference signal. Units can be configured with the feedback mode closed on output current, power factor, tachometer generator signal, or with a customer supplied signal as specified. Units can be designed for an external signal of either 4-20 milliamp or 0-10 volt DC.

Brushless Motor Exciter Regulator
The Kinetics model type ENB-SPM is a combination system that employs the Kinetics KNB1 brushless motor exciter regulator and the SPM module. Internal motor controls provide protection from incomplete sequence faults, motor running faults and annunciation of motor operational status. The ENB-SPM system also provides sequencing for interfacing, and Kinetics can supply SPM modules as an OEM supplier.

Because the SPM is manufactured by another manufacturer, it must be field programmed. The SPM manual should be consulted prior to application for product operational constraints, and sometimes the SPM manufacturer recommends against using the unit in a power factor mode for some applications, including but not limited to reciprocating compressors.

Designed specifically to provide regulated DC output to the field of a rotating exciter on the common shaft with the motor rotor, the Kinetics model type KNB1-SPM exciter regulator is a single phase input, hybrid bridge, SCR regulated rectifier. Specialty units are available in three phase configurations, KNB2, and KNB3. The required interface circuit to incorporate the use of a regulation signal from a SPM module is included. Look to Kinetics Industries for premier quality brushless type synchronous motors excitation systems.

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