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Brush Type Synchronous Motors

Kinetics Industries, Inc.
The Kinetics model type ESR is a product designation for a excitation system that contains, as a minimum, an exciter and a solid state field application circuitry.

For a complete integrated excitation system, talk to Kinetic Industries. Kinetics Industries is unique in the industry as the only single source field excitation systems manufacturer in the United States. By designing and manufacturing the critical segments required for a brush type motor excitation motor onsite, Kinetics has the in-house design and manufacturing capacity to fabricate enclosures and/or panels, manufacture transformers up to 2500 KVA and 15 KV class, create electronic circuitry, and assemble power semi-conductor and associated firing circuits. Full unit testing is conducted with a synchronous motor, and software logic, control and annunciation services are also available.

The components of a brush type synchronous motor include an AC motor starter, the exciter (from a DC field power source), the field application panel (DC contactors), the KinetSync-SR digital annunciation and logic controller, a discharge resistor grid, and a standalone enclosure or open panels for mounting by others. A contactor applied field package includes field application contactors with overlapping contacts, 2 poles normally open / 1 pole normally closed, a KinetSync-SR digital logic annunciation and control module, interposing relays for interface with the motor starter relays or breaker contacts, and a discharge resistor grid for motor starting & shutdown.

To create a complete integrated excitation system, Kinetics will ask for a number of specs, including the project scope, and whether a system section is to be reconfigured, or an entire system. Kinetics will need to know the industry application for the motor, as well as the type of load. Specifics like motor horsepower, line voltage, field volts, field current, whether AC input voltage is available for the exciter, and the discharge resistance value specified by the motor manufacturer, are all critical design considerations. Other issues include the starting acceleration time to pull-up speed, whether the motor starter relay coil type is AC or DC, and the enclosure type; cell-in-cell, or open panel packaging.

Let Kinetics Industries be your single source for complete integrated excitation systems, brush type synchronous motors, and contactor applied field packages. Our comprehensive expertise and manufacturing capability sets us apart from any other brush type synchronous motors excitation systems manufacturer in the country.

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