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Kinetics Industries, Inc.

New Product Offering:
Kinetics Smart-flux Magnet Optimization System

Programmable Sequence of Operation & Timing Logic
Integrated Solid State Rectification - Magnet Controller
Kinetics Model Type: RTMC

Alternating current to direct current smart flux magnet control system
Kinetics’, proprietary, Stata Flux controlled power up and Dynamic Discharge Power Circuitry provides a power management system for optimum magnet performance by programmable operational parameters and infinitely adjustable operating voltages and timing functions. The flexibility of the Kinetics Smart Flux magnet power control allows the user to tailor the magnet operation to the product or material being handled and optimize magnet performance. The programmable operational flexibility of the Kinetics’ Smart Flux system provides users with maximum material handling management productivity enhancement through coordinated magnet control to the desired metal handling process.

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